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Abilene Performing Arts Company, Inc. is proud to be the only studio in Abilene to offer

four departments - Musical Theatre, Theatre, Dance, and Kindermusik - under one roof. Providing such

varied classes under one company name offers a more convenient and affordable opportunity for our families. Classes meet once weekly at the times listed below.

APAC's Season follows the school year schedule. Classes begin the end of August and end in May, taking

time off to celebrate standard holidays ( Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and Spring Break).

Please scroll down to see our regular season class times.

During the summer months (June, July & beginning of August), APAC offers a variety of Summer

Camps for all ages. Please click the "Summer Camp" tab for our summer time offerings.




Musical Theatre Department

These classes are designed to teach stage presence, proper singing, musicianship, pitch recognition, teamwork, stamina, listening skills and stage movement - appropriate to the abilitiy of the students. Students will study the history of musical theatre including composers, choreographers, genres, eras and styles. Musical selections will include pieces from a varied repertoire including musical theatre, film score, art song, and much more. Private voice instruction is also available for high school age students through adult.

Theatre Department

APAC's theatre classes give participants the opportunity to engage in creative expression while learning the fundamenals of performing on stage. Instructors strive to create a student-centered atmosphere that will contribute to an enriching experience and a successful final performance. Younger classes will explore the dynamic process of making a play using popular children's literature as a springboard for their imaginations. Participants will learn to use the actor's three basic tools - the voice, the body, and the mind - in order to communicate a story to the audience. Classes for middle and high school students will focus more closely on scene study, improvization, character development, and acting technique.

Dance Department

APAC's dance department offers beginning through advanced training in ballet, tap, jazz, modern lyrical, and hip hop. Correct technique, muscle development, and coordination will be emphasized as well as poise, confidence, and discipline. Strong emphasis will be placed on personal expression through dance as well as studying variations of dance within an assortment of performance venues. Students will be challenged according to their age and ability, and will be exposed to many styles of dance to better pinpoint individual strengths and talents.

Kindermusik/Early Childhood Music Department

With more than 25 years of experience in creating curricula based on new and proven research in child development, Kindermusik Internationl is the world's leading publisher of music and movement curricula for parents and their children. The award-winning books, CDs, games, and instruments will develop and nuture critical developmental skills in the whole child: Cognitive, Physical, Social, Emotional, and Language. In a Kindermusik class, an educator leads a group of parents and their children through joyful activities, using music and movement. Parents learn more about their child's unique developmental process, and the shared learning experience creates a bond as the child associates learning with fun, musical play. The learning process then continues at home, guided by specially designed books, CDs, and games.

*See the Kindermusik tab at the top of this page for more information about the Kindermusik program.

2015-2016 Class Schedule

Registration for the 2015-2016 Season will begin on Friday, August 7th from 5:30-7:30. Registration will then continue during Summer Office Hours Monday-Thursday 10:00-2:00. All classes are first come, first serve and will close once capacity has been reached. Please click on the "Registration & Pricing" tab at the top of the page for more detailed Registration Information.

Classes that have reached capacity and are closed to new enrollment are indicated with gray coloring

and a strikethrough. (Example) If you would like to add your name to a waiting list for a closed class, please call the office at 437-2486.


ECM classes are process rather than

performance based and focus on developing the whole child including physical, social, emotional, cognitive, language, creative and musical skills.

Infant - 18 Months

  (Parent attends entire class with child)  

  Kindermusik’s Village:

     Option A: Mondays 4:30-5:15

     Option B: Wednesdays 10:30-11:15

18 Months - 3 Years

  (Parent attends entire class with child)  

  Kindermusik’s Our Time:

     Option A: Mondays 5:15-6:00

     Option B: Wednesdays 9:30-10:15


3-5 Years

(Parent does not attend this class.)

*Students must be at least 3 years old by the

first day of class and must be potty trained.

  Ring Around with Rosie:

      Thursdays 5:15-6:00



Most dance classes are performance based

and teach proper technique, poise, flexibility
and character development.



(Perform in May Show)

*Students must be at least 3 years old by the

first day of class and must be potty trained.

  First Steps:

     Option A: Mondays 10:30-11:15

     Option B: Mondays 10:30-11:15    

     Option C: Mondays 5:15-6:00

     Option D: Tuesdays 5:15-6:00

     Option E: Thursdays 4:15-5:00

K - 2nd Grade

(Perform in May Show)

  Intro Ballet/Tap:

     Option A: Mondays 4:00-5:00

     Option B: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00

  Intro Jazz:Mondays 6:00-7:00

  Intro Hip Hop: Tuesdays 4:15-5:00

3rd - 5th Grade

(Perform in May Show)

  Ballet 1: Tuesdays 6:00-7:00

  Tap 1: Mondays 5:00-6:00

  Jazz 1: Mondays 7:00-8:00

  Lyrical 1: Thursdays 4:00-5:00

  Hip Hop 1:

        Option A: Tuesdays 5:00-6:00

       Option B: Wednesdays 4:00-5:00


6th Grade & Older

(Perform in May Show)

  *Ballet 2: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 (Basics)

  *Ballet 3: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 (Intermediate)

  **Ballet 4: Tuesdays 7:00-8:00 (Advanced)  

   *Pointe: Tuesdays 8:00-9:00 (Advanced)  

     *Instructor approval required.

     *Ballet II, III, and IV are required to also register for

      the Ballet technique class.

  Tap 2: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 (Basics)

  Tap 3: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 (Intermediate)

   Tap 4: Wednesdays 5:00-6:00 (Advanced)


  Jazz 2: Thursdays 6:00-7:00 (Basics)

  Jazz 3: Thursdays 6:00-7:00 (Intermediate)

  *Jazz 4:Thursdays 6:00-7:00 (Advanced)

      *Instructor approval required.

   Lyrical 2: Thursdays 5:00-6:00 (Basics)

   Lyrical 3: Thursdays 5:00-6:00 (Intermediate)

   *Lyrical 4: Thursdays 5:00-6:00 (Advanced) 

      *Instructor approval required.

  Hip Hop 2: Mondays 8:00-9:00 (Basics)

  Hip Hop 3: Mondays 8:00-9:00 (Intermediate)

  *Hip Hop 4: Mondays 8:00-9:00 (Advanced)

      *Instructor approval required.


6th Grade & Older Ballet Technique

(Non-performing Class. Ballet is considered by most, to be

the foundation of dance. Because ballet is so technical, students need extra time each week to work at the barre

and build strength. By attending two ballet classes a week, students will have time to gain essential skills ensuring

they make progress from year to year.)

   Ballet Tech 2: Thursdays 7:00-8:00 (required)

   Ballet Tech 3: Thursdays 7:00-8:00 (required)

   Ballet Tech 4: Thursdays 7:00-8:00 (required)



All MT classes are performance based

and teach vocal, basic dance and

characterization skills.


K - 2nd Grade

(Perform in Fall Showcase and May Show)

  Intro Musical Theatre: Mondays 5:15-6:00


3rd - 5th Grade

(Perform in Fall Showcase and May Show)

 Musical Theatre 1: Mondays 6:00-7:00

6th Grade & Older

(Perform in Fall Showcase and May Show)

  Musical Theatre 2/3: Mondays 7:00-8:00

9th Grade & Older Lessons

  Private Voice Lessons:

       *Individually Scheduled, call the office for

       more information.




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